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Phonetic Birds

1.08 usd

Recognizing and comparing sounds is a skill that lays the foundation for speaking and reading. Phonetic Birds is an auditory training app that uses game play to help children learn to listen for changes in sound patterns. If your child is showing a delay in this area, or if you just want to reinforce your child’s auditory development, this app will help you accomplish your goal. There are three different ways to use the app: Adventure Play, Quick Play, and Random Play. ►Adventure Play contains 72 levels, divided into three skills: pitch awareness, loudness comparison, and sound pattern imitation. The beginning levels are easy, but they become more difficult as the game advances. ►Quick Play allows for directed practice on one skill at a time. ►Random Play presents the games in random order.
All four games feature cute, colorful birds. The first game is matching. The object of this game is to match the birds that have exactly the same sound. The second game involves putting the little feathered babies in the correct order on a ladder, by judging either their pitch or their loudness. The third game is memorizing a short tone pattern and then reproducing it. The fourth game is a bonus game and similar to the game "Simon". Feedback is immediate, and if the arrangement is incorrect, your child has a chance to go back and try again. He or she can tap on the little birds as many times as necessary to help make a choice.

 ►Adventure mode with 72 level 
►Quick play mode for full control (Pairs/Sequence - Tone/Pitch/Volume)
 ►Random play mode for endless fun
 ►Motivating Birds in unlimited colors
 ►Save the progress for up to 6 Players